Your Guide to USA Wholesale Clothing

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Your Guide to USA Wholesale Clothing


Are you an independent online retailer searching for the next up and coming fashion wholesaler in the USA? If yes, you have come to the right place! Here is your ultimate guide to finding the very best clothing wholesaler in the United States.

Whether you are looking for wholesale leggings, lovely dresses or a classic pair of jeans, we can lead you in the right direction!


Considerations with Clothing Wholesalers


The first thing is first, think about your target market! Are you aiming to attract the under the 20s, young mums or the over 50s? When looking into wholesales, research what types of clothing they offer and which companies already purchase from them. This might help to give you an indication as to whether a particular wholesaler is right for you!

Remember the most important aspect of an online business is to drive traffic to your website and then convert this into sales. If you have nothing appealing to your customer base, then you'll receive much lower sales.


Another pillar to consider is the cost! Usually, many US wholesalers offer discounts for ordering in bulk. Although you may wish to trial a small selection of jeans, it will always be cheaper to purchase larger quantities!

Also, look into discounts for first-time orders. Similar to your B2C site, many B2B wholesales have exclusive offers for first-time buyers as well as rewards for repeat buyers. Not only does this benefit your cost, it might also help with ideas for your customer reward scheme! Research the different options available to you and see which would be the most beneficial cost-wise.


Choosing Between Wholesalers


Remember, just because you prefer a specific collection from one wholesaler, doesn't mean you have to fill your store with clothes from them! You might look at a couple of different options and decide to buy wholesales leggings from one company and opt for cute dresses from another! Although wholesalers offer a wide variety of clothing, they tend to focus or excel in a specific area of apparel.

It is recommended to explore the different wholesales across the US and perhaps even visit some exhibitions. At these events, you can really get an idea of where a wholesaler might be going in the future, who they currently work with and you also get the opportunity to speak face-to-face!

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