1. How can I join FashionTown.com?

BECOME A BUYER Customer memberships are FREE. From the main page, BOTTOM RIGHT SIDE ( FashionTown.com ), simply click the BECOME A BUYER link, fill out the application and submit documents that verify your business, such as the business license, seller permit and recent invoices of purchases from other wholesale vendors. Please be advised that all submitted documents must match exactly with your business name and address. Approximately after 1 to 2 business days, we will confirm your membership and you will have full access to shopping the latest styles at the best prices from the wholesale vendors on our site.

BECOME A SELLER From the main page, BOTTOM RIGHT SIDE ( FashionTown.com ), simply click the BECOME A SELLER link or call us at (213) 381-5727 to discuss our membership plans.

2. Why do you verify my information before allowing membership?

FashionTown.com is a wholesale online shopping mall, and not open to the general public.
The verification process is for the protection of our sellers, and to ensure that all merchandise is purchased by wholesale Customer for resale only.

3. I've registered but still cannot access some vendor stores. Do I have to register again?

In most cases, you have full access to all Sellers after our review of your application and supporting business documents. Vendors, however, still have the option to deny access to their store. If you have not been granted access to a specific vendor within 3 business days, please follow up with the vendor directly.

4. Is my personal information safe and secure?

At FashionTown.com, we value your privacy and the security of your personal information. We will never share your information with others. Our servers and network are protected by the latest security systems, and firewalls are always in place to safeguard your personal and confidential information.