Shipping / Return / Refund

Shipping / Return / Refund may vary according to SELLER. Please check each SELLER'S Shipping / Return / Refund policy before placing an order.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and would like to request a return for exchange or store credit (requirements must be met), please follow these guidelines below.

All sales are final and only qualify for a return if your item(s) is damaged/defective from the manufacturer or you were sent the wrong item. There are no refunds. Shipping and handling fees are also non-refundable, including all refused and unaccepted packages. Items must be in their original condition (unwashed, unworn) with the original packaging to receive store credit or an exchange.

Order can only be canceled or changed within 24 hours of placement.

Return Policies

Return policies are different per each seller. sellers set and manage their own return policies. To view the seller's return policy, visit their home page. Return and refund policy may also be found on the invoice. To inquire about the refund policy, Please “Send Message” to the seller from your account. The seller will follow up with you soon.

** Please note, supporting details such as images or PO that retailers can provide will help the seller efficiently process the request.

Cancellation Policies

Please contact the seller you have placed your order with. Each seller's cancellation policy can be found on their home page.